Detroit Audio Lab

Premium Speakers Handcrafted in the Motor City

Premium home audio that outperforms many top-selling brands, each speaker is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Reclaimed wood is beautiful and sustainable, but it also offers stability and density for superior sound quality, because it’s from before the days of accelerated growth. This aged wood complements our investment in the electronics and structural design to deliver true-to-source fidelity. You make no compromises with Detroit Audio Lab.

Reborn from Detroit

Born of Detroit’s renaissance, each piece is engraved with the address of the building from which the raw materials were salvaged. That means that each run is limited. Once the wood from a salvaged building is gone, that address is no longer available

“Our products showcase and preserve Detroit’s history. Rather than dooming our structures to landfill, we breathe new life into them.”

-Mike Bauer, Founder

 With our Detroit-based partner, Architectural Salvage Warehouse of Detroit (ASWD), we salvage wood from blighted homes slated for demolition. ASWD reclaims 90% of the materials from these properties, keeping value and jobs in Detroit.

The wood is kiln dried and handcrafted in Detroit into high-fidelity speakers—literally Made From Detroit™.

Each piece arrives with a letterpress Address Card describing the Made From Detroit™ concept and featuring the address of your piece, as well as a letterpress Maker Card proudly signed by the craftsman of your piece.

My Piece of Detroit

Be proud of your piece of Detroit. It was made by people dedicated to adding value to the

Detroit community. A portion of the proceeds from Detroit Audio Lab™ is contributed to Focus: HOPE, a Detroit non-profit dedicated to overcoming racism, poverty, and injustice.