Detroit Denim

Detroit Denim Co.
 Although Detroit Denim was legally incorporated in 2010, the journey from began much, much earlier. Almost thirty years ago, when Eric Yelsma was a teenager, he discovered an interest in sewing, and his love of making things and altering his own jeans on a sewing machine.
Even while in a successful corporate sales career, Eric’s passion for sewing and making didn’t wane. Over time, his enthusiasm and experimentation emerged into a detailed, and very specific line of men’s jeans.
The finest quality components. All sourced from American companies (except for special limited runs that may use Japanese selvedge). Handmade in Detroit, by Detroiters. To expose the myth that it’s impossible to create a sustainable jeans business domestically. And help diversify the manufacturing base of Detroit, by producing a line of men’s jeans like no other.
No shortcuts. Each jean is made by hand from a small dedicated and professional group of Detroit stitchers.
Offering complimentary hemming and repairs for the life of the jean.