Goldeluxe Jewelry Brass Small Linear Pendant

Goldeluxe Jewelry Brass Small Linear Pendant

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Playing upon scale, linear shape and negative space, this oversized statement pendant shines as a singular statement upon the neck.

This pendant has been lovingly hand carved in wax, then cast in metal using the lost wax casting process. Available in brass or sterling silver - please inquire for other metal types.

Pendant hangs on black cotton cord and is long enough to fit over the head - no clasp necessary. Please select cord length in the drop down menu. Pendant piece measures approximately 3" x 3 1/4" in size.

About the materials:

Brass is a lovely and affordable alternative to gold. Depending on an individual's skin chemistry, contact with skin may leave a temporary and harmless dark mark. Like silver, it tends to tarnish over time. Both metals are easily cleaned with household substances such as white toothpaste, or by making a paste with lemon juice and baking soda. A typical jewelry cleaner or cloth works as well.