Sfumato Fragrances

Sfumato Fragrances, a husband and wife collaboration making natural fragrances in Corktown, Detroit.  Kevin is the nose of the company, engaging olfactory skills honed by culinary studies to blend their compositions. Jane is the eyes, using her background in art and design to create the visual aesthetic.

All of their fragrances are entirely natural, made from essential oils, absolutes, and tinctures.  They believe natural components give a much more subtle, complex, and interesting product than what is typically available at a department store, where almost all scents include some synthetic components.  Because many of their natural ingredients have been in use for millennia (e.g. frankincense, jasmine), and because olfaction is tied to memory in many strange ways, breathing in their scents is like a time bomb from pre-history, wafted and whiffed for untold generations, with a shock wave resonating across ten thousand years and a terminal node in your nostrils.  Don’t you want to inhale a 10,000 year shockwave?

Letting the aura of our fragrances envelope you is a singular experience.  Because we are using only natural ingredients, Sfumato’s fragrances are ephemeral (lasting about 2-3 hours), stay close to your body (they don’t extend much beyond arm’s length), and evolve noticeably as you wear them.  Their scents do not have a gender and we believe anyone can wear any scent that is appealing to them.  Although different from many modern fragrances, we think subtlety and complexity are the highest ideals in a scent.  We craft our fragrances to hover at the edge of conscious awareness and evolve in time.  We like to think of each application as a personal stroll through a lovely scentscape, which you can then share with those close to you.