Sfumato Scents 8ml Bottle

Sfumato Scents 8ml Bottle

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Select from one of Sfumato's 5 signature fragrances: Epiphany, Gravitas, Siren Song, Mocha Valentino, and Survival Instinct. 8ml bottles. Sfumato creates and produces their fragrances in Detroit!

Spend a little time with each of them.

Epiphany is intense greenness with hints of dew-covered moss and life ready to step into the sunlight.

Notes: Citrus, Herb, Green

Gravitas is the heavy spice of candlelight and old books, arcanum and meditation. Gravitas deepens, and deepens with, thought.

Notes: Chai, Amber, Mandarin

Siren Song is a sharp wit tempered with rosy sweetness. The powdery arias of all who have ever loved, resonating in unison.

Notes: Floral, Clove, Pepper

Survival Instinct is an axe striking cedar. Immediately in fresh after-rain spring hemlock forest, striding toward the sunrise. Pemmican in your pouch. Knife in your belt.

Notes: Wood, Anise, Earth

Mocha Valentino Limited Edition 8mL

A nod – or a shot to the bow – toward the latte crowd, Mocha Valentino is chocolate, plus all the things that go perfectly with chocolate, in fragrant form. This is the golden wrapper that lands a scented tour inside the restrictive chocolate factory gates that bar entrance to would-be thieves. There’s no telling if it leads to a flyover tour of an imaginary city.

Mocha Valentino is based on cocoa absolute and smells like the most rich and intense chocolate/coffee/tobacco goodness you can imagine.

Ingredients: Chinese Cedar, Cistus, Cocoa, Coffee, Elemi, Green Tea, Mandarin Orange, Neroli, Patchouli, Tobacco, Tolu, Vanilla

Notes: Cocoa, Coffee, Tobacco