Detroit Denim How to Expect Your Denim to Wear

Wear & Care

Our recommendation is to treat your jeans like a coat. Wear often. Work hard. Wash rarely.

Initial Fit

The denim we use for Detroit Denim jeans is raw, unwashed (however sanforized), US-made selvedge denim. Your jeans will give and stretch slightly where needed after the first 10-12 initial wearings. The jeans should be slightly snug, but not tight at first.

Wear Patterns

With raw selvedge jeans, the goal is to create wear patterns based on your body and how you actually wear them. They can include honeycombs on the back of the knee or whiskers on your thighs. These signature patterns create a unique pair of jeans, with a fit and fade specific to you.

Washing Frequency

This should be done as seldom as possible. In most cases, there is no need to wash your jeans for the six-twelve months. Some people never wash their jeans, Some wash them every few months. Trust your gut, you will know when you need to finally wash your jeans.

Washing Recommendations

The simplest way is wash them with mild or regular detergent in cold water, inside out and on a short cycle, (to retain as much color as possible), and then hang them to dry. The safest method is to soak the jeans in Woolite Darks, then rinsing and hanging them dry. Regardless of your choice, always make sure to stay away from hot water, using anything that contains bleach and mechanical drying (using the clothes dryer).

Alternatives to Washing

Some recommended methods to air out your jeans include leaving them out in the sun for a day, keeping them in your freezer for a day, or wearing them outside, while relaxing on a nice summer day.


If the stain is small, leave it. For bigger stains, it may mean that it’s time to wash your jeans. Many stains will eventually work themselves out over time and wear. If you do get a stain on your jeans, do not spot treat the area, that can leave a light spot that looks worse than the original stain.

Rips & Tears

Please check out our Denim Repair. We offer the most complete range of denim repair services anywhere in the Midwest.

And remember, the earlier you get your jeans repaired, the better. The repair cost is lower, and it will help prevent further damage.


Hang to dry or lay flat. Never use the clothes dryer.


Please don’t.

Dry Cleaning